These Fitoor Tops will Light Up Your Diwali Look!

It’s the time to enjoy, it’s the time to create happy memories and it’s the time to look drop dead gorgeous! Diwali is the peak of all the festive excitement and pleasure. With spirits high, no one wishes to leave any stone unturned in order to make this Diwali a happening one.

And a major part of Diwali celebrations is creating a flamboyant attire. Something that accentuates your personality and brings out your most joyous self. If you are also in the process of creating your unique Diwali look, then allow Fitoor to be your friend in this process!

At Fitoor, we celebrate Indian traditional art style and craft and marry it with the comfort and ease of western attire. The result? A diverse collection of standout dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories that can effectively make your Diwali look a memorable one!

Fitoor Tops For Diwali

Our collection of tops comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles. The only thing that is common among them is the dedication we’ve put into designing and making them. We invite you to check out our collection and pick your favourite top for Diwali.

But if that’s too much of a hassle, then worry not… our experts have handpicked the best festive tops for you. These tops will light up your Diwali look!

Pakhi Bow Top - Floral

Starting off with some pure Jaipur cotton charm, the Pakhi Bow Top is comfy, eye-catching and serene. Its light shades create a sense of calm while its fine hand block pattern adds to its wow factor. But its most standout feature is the peplum styling. The delicate pleating on the peplum, and peppy bow on the waist and sleeves make it unique in a very subtle fashion. We recommend Nazar ka Teeka while wearing it!

Playful Georgette Top

The perfect balance between comfort and style, the Playful Georgette Top is meant to give a wide smile to you and a dropped jaw for those who look at you! Classic floral styling and form factor makes it versatile. You can pair it with denims, shorts, leggings or skirt, the top will always earn appreciation and admiration from your Diwali guests! Its georgette fabric makes it ideal for festive occasions too.

Pakhi Off-Shoulder Cape Top - Black

If your idea of Diwali look is to have unmatched elegance, then Pakhi Off-Shoulder Cape Top will be the perfect pick for you! The black colour already looks graceful, while its striking Gajji silk cape with a striking red-blue pattern takes its charm to the next level. On top of that, its off-shoulder styling elevates its grace even more, so much so that it could be worn at a red carpet. This one is made to steal the show!

Flurry Rustic Top

This one might look simple at the first glance but step closer and its intricate dabu print will sure catch your attention. Its striking bright red colour makes it the ideal choice for festive occasions such as Diwali. Not just that, its box pleating, cotton fabric and symmetrical shape allows it to blend with various choices of bottoms. This one is very versatile!

Oxy-Blue Top

Blue is the colour that emotes calmness, comfort and order. If you are a fan of subtlety and doing more with less, then the Oxy-Blue Top should do the trick. Timeless blue shades, bell sleeves with pintucks detailing, hand block print design and cotton fabric - nothing out of the box - but all these things come together to create a symphony which is always melodic. Pair it with denim or skirts and you are set!

The festive season is a time to let loose, enjoy the good things in life and create a lot of happy memories before going back to your normal life. And a good festive look is like a cherry on top - it earns admiration from friends, family and social media. Your look is like a personalised expression of your festive spirit. These handpicked Fitoor tops are our way of being a part of your celebrations. Go ahead and choose your favourite to make this Diwali a memorable one!

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