Must-Have Accessories to Nail Your Traditional and Modern Fusion Look

If done right, accessories can become a defining feature of your personality. A distinctive hat or cap, a scarf, or sunglasses can add the X factor to your style. Today, we are going to talk about accessories that fit well with both traditional and modern styles. Want to perfect the traditional and modern fusion look? You are at the right place!

Purse, Pouch and Handbags

Handbags and purses with vibrant Indian designs are an outstanding addition to your attire. It syncs perfectly with all types of occasions, be it casual or formal. Big-sized handbags are especially great for making a statement as they offer a big area to flaunt beautiful craftsmanship and artwork.

Pouches are good for occasions where you need more style than the utility. But their unique look is very eye-catching and it’s an opportunity for you to get trendy with it. Check Out our latest collection of Purse, Poch and Handbags here.

Cap, Hat and Headgear

You have to be careful with headgear while trying a fusion Indian and western look. Very few things work! First being a professionally tied turban or Safa adds a royal touch to your style and can be worn with traditional dresses as well as with a shirt and Nehru jacket. Flat caps and Berets can also be worn if you want to be especially unique.

For women, a fine and light cloche or bucket hat works very nicely with block print tops or trousers. Colorful handbags and scarves can also be worn for a cute look on casual occasions. Fitoor also offers a collection of masks that can turn into headbands. We’ll come to that in a while! Masks

With Covid-19 still active, masks are here to stay. But as more and more people get vaccinated, you can get more creative with masks rather than using them as a purely functional accessory. Floral designs, bright colors, beautiful embroidery, you can have any design you want. Wear masks that match your dress’s color for extra advantage.

We also offer masks that can be turned into headbands. This combines the utility of masks with headbands - a must-have accessory for all. On top of