How to Add an Indian Touch to Your Fashion Style in 2021?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

It is easy to look great in a western dress but if you wish to make a style statement, then you need to look elsewhere. You don’t need to linger around, all your answers are right here, in desi fashion, at Fitoor!

Nailing the modern-traditional Indian style is easier said than done. The line between nailing the look and looking a hotch-potch mess is very thin. Fitoor is going to be your fashion designer today and help you add an Indian touch to your style.

Block Print Clothing

Bright colours and traditional design can instantly communicate that you are a free spirited person with a unique personality. It is also distinctive in a crowd of desaturated colours of most western clothing. Block print suits plus size women too. A must have in your wardrobe.

Desi Footwear

Kolhapuri slippers, and modernised Jutti fit well with all apparel styles - be it traditional or modern-traditional fusion. They can be vibrant in colour to match bright dresses or have darker shades to provide good contrast. They won’t take much space in your wardrobe but will be mega on every occasion! We also have a collection of Loafers, Belles and Pump shoes featuring striking Indian designs. They make up for a pleasantly unique look. Do try them out!

Check out our full range of Desi Footwear.

Floral Print Dresses

Floral prints are globally in fashion, and desi style has a lot to do with that popularity. They fit well for casual parties and get-togethers. Floral print tops work well with stylish trousers or leggings. Add some colourful peppy jewellery to the mix and the look will be complete! You can also wear floral pants, they fit well at casual parties- especially the beach parties!

Floral Bundis or Jackets also add a colourful touch to men's attire. A must for the dudes out there! Best worn with light coloured clothes.