Add Vibrance to Your Wardrobe with Footwear by Fitoor

Footwear is one of the most important parts of our attire. It’s necessary that the footwear is comfortable and complements one’s look well. It’s also one of the first things that many people notice about you. Long story short, footwear can make or break your look!

And if you wish to add some appeal to your footwear collection, then Fitoor is the right place for you! Our amazing collection of Indo-western fusion footwear incorporates vibrant Indian colours and design and the comfort of modern footwear. We have handpicked some for you!

Lithe Floral Pumps

Made to bless your attire throughout the day, Lithe Floral Pumps can be the style update you are looking for. Beautiful peach colour, floral design and kitten heels give you a cute look. These pumps fit well with traditional wear but also can work on fusion dresses. Its cotton fabric makes it comfortable and easy to clean.

Rosemary Printed tie-up shoes

Rosemary Printed tie-up shoes are in a class of their own. Pair these shoes with midi skirts and make a style statement on the go! It features a beautiful mosaic-inspired design with great contrasting colours. Gajji Silk gives it a shiny and smooth texture so it looks fresh all the time. Rosemary Printed tie-up shoes are definitely a party piece!

Regal Golden & Brown Pumps<