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As a little girl growing up in the city of lakes surrounded by natural beauty and immersed in the cultural love of handicrafts, you can either be attracted or dismayed by everything heritage,color, pattern and motifs.

The disenchantment happened to us first when we traveled and fell in love with the modern and contemporary styles.

Fitoor is a handcrafted luxury in the wearable contemporary design of global India, for urban men and women, who love fashion on the go. 

Fitoor is an Urdu word that means "obsession". We at Fitoor are obsessed with two things: art and quality. The art that represents our rich heritage, moulded into contemporary designs, where the classic old meets the modern. Our obsession started at Udaipur, Rajasthan, which has a very rich culture of its own. 

We at Fitoor take care of the minute details of the garments, providing complete quality and comfort to our esteemed clients. We continuously work towards refinement of the textile. Our fabrics are 100% pure and undergoes a series of hard work that a team of dyers , Craftsmen and tailors put in for creating pieces that are unique, using block prints as the base of our designs.

Our apparel has elements of the ancient techniques like "rekh" or outline carved into wood and printed on clothing (block-printing), the age old "mud resist" art work, the secret to which is a family heirloom passed to generations of a small village of Akola (Dabu). Art printed using these techniques is turned into exquisite patterns on cloth. This cloth is then moulded into modern designs. 

The designs for outfits at Fitoor are chosen so keeping in mind the urban lifestyle, where time is everything. Fitoor is meant for people with an impeccable sense of style, who are always on the go. Our choice of material is conventional and ideal for keeping up with a long day routine.

Fitoor aims at creating wearable contemporary designs of global India, thus bringing those who love fashion and art together.

Colours that sparkle up the cloth and designs that add magic to your look... It's art by fitoor!!

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